Welcome to North Star Doodles! We are a northern MN farm family that raises F1b Mini  Goldendoodles, F1 Bernedoodles, and Mini & Standard Sheepadoodles. Our puppies are a part of our family and they enjoy our 50 acres on the prairie.  Our 3 kids take part in the day-to-day handling of the puppies, which ensures that you get a puppy that is used to a lot of love and attention!

 Dams and Sires are all genetically tested and cleared before breeding.  We strive to raise happy, healthy, and well socialized puppies. All puppies are kept with their mama for 8 weeks to make sure that they get the right start in life.   Let us help you in selecting a forever four-legged family member with one of our sweet doodles!

Take a look around and shoot us an email, text, or call with any questions...we love talking about our doodles!


 “Once you have had a wonderful dog, a life without one, is a life diminished.”  – Dean Koontz