River & Presley


F1b Mini Sheepadoodles

River: F1 Sheepadoodle: 70lbs: genetic health cleared through parentage

Presley: AKC Mini Poodle: 8lbs: genetic health tested: clear

DOB: 3-21-19 Go Home Date: 5-16-19

Reserve List::: 4 males & 4 females

1. Michelle W. (female)

2. Monica K. (female)

3. Maki F. (male)

4. Sadie B. (female)

5. Jennifer B. (undecided)

6. Dana W. (female-if available)

7. Abigail L. (Male)


Add your name to the reserve list today. Taking deposits now!

Nova & Eastwood

Nova 💞

F1 Bernedoodles: 70-90lbs

Nova: AKC Bernese Mountain Dog: 90lbs: Gentic Panel in process 

Eastwood: AKC Standard Poodle: 70lbs: Owned and genetic tested by Prairie Home Doodles 

DOB: April 9, 2019 Go Home: June 4, 2019

Reserve List:::4 females & 3 males

1. Maggie H.







Sage & Aristotle


F1b Mini Goldendoodles

Sage: F1 Goldendoodle, 60lbs: DM:clear, PRA-prcd:clear, vWD type 1:clear

Aristotle: 10lb mini poodle, owned and genetic tested by Rockadoodles 

Approx size: 25-40lbs

DOB: April 7, 2019 :::  6 males & 4 females    

Go Home: June 2, 2019

Reserve List

1. Michelle W.

2. Elizabeth C.

3. Lara D.

4. Scott A.

5. Emily C.

6. Julie O.

7. Rebecca K.

8. Samantha S.

9. Kami C.

10. Jessica K.

stand-by: Hannah A.

Pictures of the pups are on our North Star Doodles Facebook page or message us and we can send you some!

Sugar & Winston


Standard F1b Sheepadoodles :: 45-65lbs

Sugar: F1 Sheepadoodle: 65lbs: EIC carrier 

Winston: AKC Standard Poodle: 40lbs: Genetic test: CLEAR

Due Date: May 23, 2019

Taking Deposits for our Standard Sheepadoodle Reserve!

Bugbee & Valentino


Standard F1b Englishdoodles :: 45-50lbs

Bugbee: AKC Standard Poodle: 45lbs: Genetic Health: vWD carrier

Valentino: F1 Standard Englishdoodle: 50lbs: Genetic Health: CLEAR

Due Date: May 28, 2019

We are taking deposits for our Englishdoodle Reserve!


Picking a puppy

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